A diagram of OAFAC's structure

Our core Staff consists of two Co-Directors, a General Manager, and an Access Director. Our Business Manager and Fund Developer who support the work of the core Staff. OAFAC is working towards a model of shared leadership between the Co-Directors, GM and Access Director.

Embodying the ethos of “nothing about us without us”, our Advisory Committee is made up of an intersectional group of artists and cultural workers who identify as Disabled, Sick, Mad, Fat, Hard of Hearing, Neurodivergent, Blind, Low Vision, and Nonvisual. These artists bring diverse perspectives to OAFAC’s work based on the intersections of their identities, the focus of their creative practices and advocacy, and their various positionalities in regards to community, culture, and politics. Advisory Committee members are paid for their engagement with the organization. 

OAFAC is accountable to and uplifts representation of the Intersectional Disability Arts 

Community. It is our commitment that the majority of our Staff, Advisory Committee, Board and Membership come from our communities. The DJ principles of interdependence and collective liberation shape how we support each other as a Staff Team, and the ways in which we work with our Board and Advisory Committee. This has allowed us to become an organism that moves at the pace of our collective, changing needs.

OAFAC is building a platform from which Intersectional Disability Artists can gain influence with the backing of an organization’s support, and to broaden and deepen skills and practices that they feel will assist them in developing long-term sustainable practices. One of the ways we are embodying this is through mentorship programs. Mentors work closely alongside Staff and the Advisory Committee both on projects of the organization and their own artistic/cultural/curatorial practice.

OAFAC’s Board of Directors is a supportive, working board supporting us in developing the necessary conditions to establish a well-resourced and sustainable foundation for Deaf, Disability and Mad Arts are set.

Image description

A multi-coloured chart made up of 5 ovals/circles on a light beige background. In each oval/circle are sans-serif texts with a larger heading in dark gray and a smaller description in black, all capitalized. 

A purple oval on top has the heading “SHARED LEADERSHIP.” Around this are the words “CO-DIRECTORS,” “GENERAL MANAGER,” and “ACCESS DIRECTOR”. A dark turquoise double-sided arrow points between each of these words creating a triangular formation around the heading, “SHARED LEADERSHIP.”

Below the purple oval is a pink circle, connected via a solid dark turquoise double arrow. The heading reads, “ORGANIZATION’S VISION & SCOPE OF WORK”. Text below this reads, “ADVISORY COMMITTEE.”

A black double-sided arrow on the left side of the pink circle points to a light brown vertical oval. The heading reads, “ACCOUNTABILITY & REPRESENTATION”. Below in bullet points it reads “INTERSECTIONAL DISABILITY ARTS COMMUNITY” and “GENERAL MEMBERSHIP” below in bullet points.

A black single-arrow points from the pink circle to a darker brown smaller circle set to the right of the pink circle. The heading reads, “MENTORSHIP”, with the word “INTERN” below. 

The purple oval at the top of the image connects to a long aqua-coloured oval at the bottom of the image via two thin double-sided arrows, one arrow arches around the entire diagram to the right, the other arrow arches around the entire diagram to the left.

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